I fell in love with the Internet while attending University where I got access to my first dial up connection. It amazed me that I could interact and share information on projects I was working on with people around the world and help them with projects they were working on. Back then 2400bps was fast and the web was barely understood. I had fallen in love with the Internet and wanted to help connect people to it.

Ironically I used the Internet while at University to research and interact with people to learn the skills I would need to start a business with a goal to connect people easily and economically to the Internet. I continued to run that business for 18 years until its successful acquisition in March of 2014.

I am lucky that the Internet has allowed me to earn what I need while still doing what I love. I have found it important in these last few years to utilize the deep knowledge of the inner workings of the industry to ensure that Canada becomes a leader in its growth and use of the Internet. It is my love of the Internet that has motivated me to accept this nomination and give back to the Internet that has allowed me to prosper both financially and intellectually.

ARIN manages a critical slice of the Internet in our region. I would be honoured with the opportunity to continue to help guide ARIN as the organization goes through a period of change and as the world of Internet Governance as a whole faces growing threats.

ARIN Election Information

Voting in the 2016 ARIN Election begins on October 20, 2016 at 2pm EDT and ends at 3pm EDT on October 28th. The result of the vote will be released on or before November 4, 2016.

ARIN members who are eligible to vote will receive an email directly from ARIN with instructions on how to vote. Members requiring assistance with regard to the election may contact ARIN directly by email at info@arin.net

For more information please refer to the Official ARIN Election website.